COVID-19- Series of plagues:

What we are learning amidst the Epidemic of COVID-19?

Any epidemic disease that causes high mortality is considered a plague. It is not merely a Corona virus plague. The human beings on this planet have been coping with plagues for centuries.

The universe is a mother and out of its millions of us, human beings are just one body - the type that looks even before the eyes of the universe at large! Understanding for which many philosophers in history have made various interpretations, but the final interpretation of this understanding is yet to be made and human understanding in this infinite universe may be indefinable until the end of each millennium's journey or is coming up with new conception and meaning of it, so we humans, who consider ourselves to be the total weight of the universe, need to understand that there are only one of the millions of other beings in this universe. There is one existence and this existence is also given in different periods of interaction with nature. CLOUD SERVER HOSTING SERVICE IN UK  

The warped leaves of the past show that the Corona virus is not the first outbreak that has overwhelmed humans in the dale of fear, even before nature has taken the account of its widespread abuse as a mother who has no child. His ear beats and falls in love on the balcony. In the 27th century BC, when the Nile was dry for seven consecutive years, there was a famine, but humanity still maintained its existence when the earthquake in the ancient city of Antioch on 115th rocked five million people in Lake Ethiopia. The men have made the city more beautiful than it has been in 10 years. We should know that in 365 AD when Egypt's town of Alexandria flooded more than 50,000 people when the ocean was flooded, we still started a new life. In 542, when the plague-like pandemic entered Asia through the seaport of Constantinople, it continued to preoccupy humanity for 225 years, and more than five million people from various countries lost the battle for life, but the plague was still suspected by humans in 750. General Chat Lounge In 1346, the epidemic that swept across Europe from Russia to Europe reached 80 million people, but Europe and Russia still exist today, and when Hernnde Cortes sailed with his ships to the Mexican port in 1519, The disease was carried out, resulting in the devastating Aztec civilization being destroyed within a hundred years, causing 95% of the population of Central and South America to die, but human remained present. The terrible earthquake in China's province of Shenzhen in 1556 killed 830,000 people. 1755 is also part of history, in which an earthquake struck Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and as people sailed to the sea to save their lives, there came a tropical storm, which made 30,000 people their food. In 1815, Indonesia's largest mountain in Tambura, the largest mountain in human history, collapsed and 71,000 people died right away, placing the mountain's rock high over the world with temperatures reaching 0.4 degrees Celsius. The insufficiency of food and the various vibes confronted the next three years. The monsoon rains between 1837 and 1838 caused a huge drought in the Punjab and Rajasthan of India, which brought with them diseases like Cholera and the world lost eight million lives. In 1894, when the Third Beaubanque plague broke out and continued to persecute humans for twenty years, it took advantage of imperial trade and gained steam technology. The plague attracted millions of us, most of whom drowned Indians. From 1896 to 1898, 95% of Africa's livestock died of a fatal outbreak, crops were destroyed, severe droughts occurred, humans had to suffer so much that they had to pass through mountainous mountains, leaves, insects, and dead animals. Fought their survival on the flesh and the Spanish flu outbreak between 1918 and 1919 caused the death of five million people, and that number was much higher than those who died in World War I. In the First World War, some 30 million people were killed.



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