COVID-19- Series of plagues:

What we are learning amidst the Epidemic of COVID-19?Any epidemic disease that causes high mortality is considered a plague. It is not merely a Corona virus plague. The human beings on this planet have been coping with plagues for centuries.

The universe is a mother and out of its millions of us, human beings are just one body - the type that looks even before the eyes of the universe at large! Understanding for which many philosophers in history have made various interpretations, but the final interpretation of this understanding is yet to be made and human understanding in this infinite universe may be indefinable until the end of each millennium's journey or is coming up with new conception and meaning of it, so we humans, who consider ourselves to be the total weight of the universe, need to understand that there are only one of the millions of other beings in this universe. There is one existence and this existence is also given in different periods of interaction with natu…

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