COVID-19- Series of plagues:

What we are learning amidst the Epidemic of COVID-19 ? Any epidemic disease that causes high mortality is considered a plague. It is not merely a Corona virus plague. The human beings on this planet have been coping with plagues for centuries . The universe is a mother and out of its millions of us, human beings are just one body - the type that looks even before the eyes of the universe at large! Understanding for which many philosophers in history have made various interpretations, but the final interpretation of this understanding is yet to be made and human understanding in this infinite universe may be indefinable until the end of each millennium's journey or is coming up with new conception and meaning of it, so we humans, who consider ourselves to be the total weight of the universe, need to understand that there are only one of the millions of other beings in this universe. There is one existence and this existence is also given in different periods of interactio

How many billion rupees of corruption has taken place in Sindh in the last five years? The PTI leveled the most serious allegations against Murad Ali Shah's government Presenting statistics.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Sindh Assembly leader Haleem Adil Sheikh stated that there are political parties in every country to do politics and politics are also.
Auditor General's report is not given in Sindh while in 2015 there was a corruption of 3200 billion, in 2017 and 2018 there was a corruption of 15000 billion, in Thar children died due to incompetence of Sindh government and drugs of coronavirus have been stolen. The poor people of Sindh get donkey cart ambulances, Sindh Chief Minister says that Sindh province will not collect taxes for the federation, then I would like to clarify in accordance with the constitution that if any province has any problem with regard to taxes. If so, they should go to Parliament and resolve their issue through the majority. According to Article 5 of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, every citizen is bound to be loyal to the country and abide by the law and it is his responsibility to carry out all orders of the state lowed but rebellion against the constitution cannot be allowed. Corruption took place while irregularities of Rs. 270 billion took place.
Addressing to a press conference, Haleem Adil Sheikh further said that tax collection has
come down after the advent of Corona virus, Punjab province got Rs 476 billion,
KPK got Rs 56 billion less. But when Sindh got less than Rs 225 billion, they
started shouting, Sindh government is making just nonsense excuses, sometimes
it is accused of occupying hospitals, sometimes it is plotting to assassinate Zardari.
Allegedly, all these things are fabricated and nonsense by the PPP. We do not
do such wild deeds and do not have such thoughts.

He said that I ask Bilawal to take a look at the province where the people are unfortunately ruled by your party, especially look at Larkana, the people of Sindh are not getting water, the party of the four provinces It is limited to districts. I will not call the Chief Minister of Sindh a traitor, but I will definitely say that Josh should not use inappropriate words in his speech.


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COVID-19- Series of plagues: